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Petros Klampanis Blends the Colors of Emotion and Experience into a Rich Portrait of Humanity on his first Large Ensemble Album, “CHROMA”. Motéma Music Debut, out March 10, features the Bassist/Composer’s Gifted Jazz Quintet (Gilad Hekselman, Shai Maestro, John Hadfield, Keita Ogawa) with a Vivid String Section. Recorded in association with The Onassis Foundation USA Tweet


“Every track has a story to tell” says Sofia, “a sacred bind to nature, as if a totem lies in the spirit of every song”. The moon, the cuckoo, the wolf and the strings alongside with electronic micro beats seem to merge perfectly with Sofia’s both delicate and powerful vocals, manifesting the omnipotence of nature.…

Thread and Needle

Martha Mavroidi’s new release, entitled “Thread and Needle” is an a cappella album that pays tribute to the vocal traditions of Greece. Folk songs from different parts of Greece arranged for vocal ensemble, and new a cappella compositions make up a musical mosaic that celebrates human voice and its role in the music of the…
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