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Ever since the most ancient times, the moon has always been a source of fascination, but equally of apprehension for all peoples of all civilisations. The fact that it is the largest luminous body in the dark night sky gives it a special place in the firmament both as the harbinger of the coming dawn…


Petros Klampanis Blends the Colors of Emotion and Experience into a Rich Portrait of Humanity on his first Large Ensemble Album, “CHROMA”. Motéma Music Debut, out March 10, features the Bassist/Composer’s Gifted Jazz Quintet (Gilad Hekselman, Shai Maestro, John Hadfield, Keita Ogawa) with a Vivid String Section. Recorded in association with The Onassis Foundation USA Tweet

Thread and Needle

Martha Mavroidi’s new release, entitled “Thread and Needle” is an a cappella album that pays tribute to the vocal traditions of Greece. Folk songs from different parts of Greece arranged for vocal ensemble, and new a cappella compositions make up a musical mosaic that celebrates human voice and its role in the music of the…
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