Spyridoula Baka

Born in Athens and growing up in an urban environment, Spyridoula Baka belongs to a generation that reintroduces the indigenous sound of the folklore music to a world audience. Bearing the collective memory through procedures and infrastructures irrelevant to those that gave birth to this music, aesthetics of the past, are being reinforced with contemporary elements, thus giving a whole new encasement as well as new life to this music. SEAnanay is the name of Spyridoula Baka’s newest project, dedicated entirely to the sea. She dives for the treasures of the Mediterranean music, joined by the distinguished soloists, Andreas Arvanitis (lyra, bagpipe, flutes, vocals), Marinos Tranoudakis (percussion), and Dimitris Varelopoulos (Greek Island and Cretan lute, mandolin, vocals). The sound of the folklore instruments transcends their cultural boundaries, balancing between the present and the past, embracing musical idioms from the East and the West and polyphonic textures, reintroducing songs from the unbounded Greek and Mediterranean repertoire, ultimately becoming the voice of the eternal sea.

Selected Discography