George Xylouris

One of the best-loved artists on Crete, Xylouris is a member of a clan long-regarded throughout Greece as musical royalty. A clan that hails from Anogeia, a mountain shepherding village down the hill from the Cave of Zeus, that hotspot of ancient mythology. To hear Xylouris play his long-necked lauto and sing songs of love and liberty in his impassioned, distinctive voice, is to experience tradition at its finest; tradition that this bearded father-of-three grants respect, and crafts into something unique. It’s a sound that has taken him around the world, to festivals and concert venues throughout Europe, North America and Australia and back again to Crete. Teaching and playing at home, in villages, his lifeblood – just as it is his family’s. His concerts at home have become legendary for their musicality and power.

Crikey, what a fabulous racket. George Xylouris is a Cretan laouto player, son of the legendary lyra-playing shaman and wild man Psarantonis who sometimes gives the impression of having sold his soul to a goat at the crossroads. He spent some years living and raising a Xylouris family ensemble in Australia, where he met Jim White, […]

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