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Xylouris White at Bassy Club 2015

Xylouris White brings together two masters of contemporary music: Jim White, a founder of the internationally acclaimed trio Dirty Three and Giorgos Xylouris (Psarogiorgis) the master lutenist who has been described as ‘the future of Cretan music’. Together Xylouris White have created a new and compelling blend of melody and rhythm.

Xylouris, one of the best-loved artists on Crete, is a member of a clan long-regarded throughout Greece as musical royalty. His uncle, Nikos Xylouris, was a national icon, and his father, Antonis Xylouris (Psarantonis), is a singer and lyra player who is well-regarded for pushing traditional folk music in new directions. To hear Xylouris play his long-necked lauto and sing songs of love and liberty in his impassioned, distinctive voice, is to experience tradition at its finest; tradition that he respects and crafts into something unique.

White’s background, on the other hand, is decidedly post-punk; he co-founded the acclaimed trio Dirty Three with Warren Ellis and Mick Turner in the early-’90s and went on to collaborate with Will Oldham, PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Smog, White Magic, Bonnie Prince Billy, Cat Power and many more. His unique style can sound like a full band one moment, and something stark and beautiful the next. PJ Harvey has said there is ballet in White’s light, precise touch; Will Oldham once remarked on White’s ability to dismantle a song, bit by bit, and rebuild it with his parts incorporated.

08.12.2015     Bassy Club, Berlin